The Cabins

Our little slice of heaven is a rustic setting at 10,000 ft. above sea level. We have two comfortable cabins (each with a four person capacity) equipped with beds, tables, a pull-out loveseat and a wood stove that may be used for cooking and heat. Stay toasty with a hot shower!
  • 2 cabins (4 people each)
  • Double (or queen) bed + pullout
  • No electricity
  • Wood-burning stove
  • Bonfire pit
  • Hot showers

20,000 acres

10,000 ft up

No electricity

No neighbors


Welcome to your home away from home! These cabins were built by us with logs from the site. Wake up to a home cooked camp meal, curl up by a cozy campfire and you can even sleep in.


How many people can stay in the cabin?

Our first cabin comfortably sleeps four people with a double (or queen) bed and pull-out couch.

Our second cabin can comfortably sleep three people.

It is possible to sleep additional people if you provide a cot, air mattress or tent. Please talk through your sleeping needs with one of our hosts.

Can we tent outside?

Talk to one of the hosts to explore this option.

How do I get to the cabin?

If you are flying, we suggest getting a flight to Montrose Airport. If you are driving to the cabins, you’ll need an SUV. We can pick you up as well if you let us know when you make your reservation.

Directions from Montrose Airport:

  1. Drive south from the airport on Highway 550 to Ridgeway
  2. Turn right on Highway 62
  3. At the edge of the town (before the curve) turn left on South Amelia Street
  4. Go past the third block and turn right on County Road 5
  5. We’ll meet you at the top of County Road 5 right before the cattle guard. From here you can follow us.
  6. Your adventure begins when we cross the cattle guard and continue up the unimproved road.

Do I have to cook?

Yes or no. It’s up to you. For an additional fee, we can provide all meals.

What should I pack?

You are going to a rustic location and you should pack for the extremes. You may want to wear shorts at the bottom of the mountain and be bundled up at the top. You’ll want to bring sunscreen, food (if you are cooking yourself), rain gear, and weather-appropriate attire.

Some equipment can be provided depending on your package.

Do I bring my own bedding?

No, we provide the bedding for you.